A seminar on “the Role of Dhammakaya in a Thai Society”






16852339155_b5ece6a5b4A seminar on “the Role of Dhammakaya in a Thai Society”, held on 13th March 2015 at Santi Pracha Dhamma Library. Speakers: Surapot Taweesak, a scholar on Buddhism, a full-time lecturer at Suan Dusit Rajabhat University, Hua Hin Centre; Thanomsing Kosolnavin, the President of Dhammadrops Foundation, Chiang Mai. Master of Ceremony: Varis Likitanusorn, a student at ABAC.

The essential points of Mr. Kosolnavin, from Dhammarops, are that Dhammakaya taught us that Nirvana is Atta (Self) which is in contrast to the doctrine of TriLaksna- Transient, Suffering and Not-Self. Besides, there is business networking in the temples which could explain why many clever millionaires have joined Dhammakaya.

Imp10995555_10152923962238409_6186452585829564833_nortantly, Dhammakaya has gradually occupied areas around local temples. It has bought land from local villagers and changed it into places for dhamma practices, merely for exclusive members. In turn, the local villagers had to move to the city where now they have to rent out their accommodation and buy food to eat; both vital things are certainly expensive in such areas where the quality of living could be maladjusted. Many poor villagers had a lot of debt due to overbuying unnecessary goods, which is a sad thing.

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